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Hal Wolkin

I am very pleased to say that I think you understated the favorable results of the work that your team completed. I have owned this vehicle for years, and I simply adjusted to its declining performance over time such that I didn’t even realize that the engine had lost its original responsiveness. Well… after your cleaning of the intake valves, the acceleration seems smoother and more powerful. While the replacement of the transmission fluid/filter and front and rear differential fluid probably has little to do with my sense that the car is more responsive, I am sure that changing these fluids will contribute to a number of additional years of smooth operation.

I also did not fail to notice that the car was returned clean and I appreciate that as well.

Thank so much for the excellent work!

Kenneth Brown

Happy to report that I kept it on the track.  I guess I instilled confidence, ‘cause instructor let me loose and was able to air it out at 130 on the back stretch.  Car turned through the course tremendously well.  Thanks for the repairs.  The wheel had zero shimmy.

I’ll be in soon for brake service.  I left most of the pads on turns 9 and 11!!! 

David S., Bedford, NY

Chris and his team did a fantastic job on a full restoration of my 1989 560 SL. The car was purchased new 25 years ago and I remember what it drove like off of the dealer showroom. Rennsport was able to bring that new car feel back. Chris did a great job consulting me on prioritizing what work made the most sense. He also did a great job on performing a full maintenance job on my 911. I’m extremely happy to have found a world class mechanic in the area. I’m never going back to the dealership.

Craig Kisciras

I am the owner of a 1962 Triumph TR-4.  As any owner of a British sports car knows, they are wonderful but require regular maintenance to keep them fit and in good running condition. I was fortunate to hear about Chris Zanine and Rennsport from a post in a car club blog. Chris and his staff have been taking care of the TR-4 for many years. Chris is a true “old school” auto technician in that he is not a replacement artist but a guy who has the talent and know-how to solve the difficult issues that can manifest themselves with cars of this vintage.  All work is performed in a professional manner and great care is taken to ensure that all customers are treated courteously.  The staff is professional and the shop is clean and well run.  I highly recommend Rennsport for anyone who demands only the best care for their vintage classic or daily driver.

John Lamorte

After many years of having my vintage cars serviced by companies that knew little about cars, I was fortunate to have found Rennsport. I have used Rennsport for six years and could not be happier.

The owner, Chris goes out of his way to help me and is graced with a wonderful staff. I use mechanic Michael Specht. He is bright, articulate, caring and knowledgeable. He takes the time to do every job right and shows my cars the respect they deserve. He offers me thoughts for future work and treats my cars as they were his own. Thank you, Rennsport for your dedication. I could not be happier.

Steve Kemp

I have had a professional relationship with Rennsport for the past 10 years. During this time they have carried out work on my Ferrari Dino, Testarossa and 328GTS. They have always demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the vehicle and were able to source parts in a timely manner.

I have and will continue to recommend Rennsport for all my Auto needs.

Jeff Lasdon - P.P.P Proud Porsche Papa

Thank you Chris and your terrific technicians at Rennsport for many years of trouble free motoring.  When I bring my high performance vehicle to Rennsport I have the piece of mind knowing that I've been to the best.  Conscientious, thorough, and honest beyond reproach this is the place where you can be certain to be treated like a valued friend and customer.

There is no such thing as an "unreasonable request" and what one might consider "the extra mile" is simply a matter of fact. But please don't misunderstand - Rennsport gives the same flawless service to the family car as that special set of wheels only an enthusiast can appreciate.